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Start your own strategy game for free!
Start your own strategy game for free!

How it works

You download your game files, you upload those in your web server, you register your site here, put your codes in your site and that’s all! You have your own massive multiplayer game online. If you are familiar with PHP you can modify your game site, change the look, change functionality, have it in your language.

All sites are interconnected so your players will immediately find other players to compete or cooperate in this exiting game.

Please read everything below since will help you understand more on starting your game site and possible your online business!

Unlimited possibilities to customize your site

Earhlead site files are given free and as open source software. If you have some PHP programming language knowledge you can modify the design and functionality and offer to your players a unique experience.

Translate the language file and offer to your players the game in their language. This can give you huge number of players in our country with proper promotion.

Using the central API you can build new views, or even new user interface.

Get all the fan of managing your players world

As site owner you have access to advanced statistics, you will have to monitor your players to check if they follow game rules and you will be able offer them new design, map views and function.

Make your game site a real business

You can create income from advertisements in your site. The software you will download has spaces for banners, Google AdWords or anything you want to put there.

Earn even more by registering a plus site. Eathlead plus site owners pay a very small fee per year (90 euros) and this let you put a plus sign in your site and get 50% of the money your players give to buy gold. (Earthlead is a free to play game but players can spend a limited small amount to buy game gold. Unlike other free games that require players to pay in order to succeed, earthlead limits the amount a player to spend for gold to 20 euros for three months per player, so none can pass the very good players by giving a lot of more money).

Obligations as site owner

In order to keep only quality sites on the network we reuire every registered site to have more than 50 active players (players that login at least once every month) and never fall under this level.

This is a very easy target, think how many of your friends can join, think how you can promote your site. Some sites will little promotion with Goggle ADwords and Facebook can have more than 1000 players and grow every day.

Players love the game and they get game benefits by inviting more people.

On the other hand if you cant have players in your site then what’s the point of having it?

There is an automated check for this. If for a month you do not manage to reach this target your players will automatically moved as registered to our master game site at playeathelead.gatory.com  so they can play from other sites and your site registration will be deleted so players will not be able to login from your site anymore.

If you want at some point to start a new game site you will have to reregister your site form the beginning and drive new players. Once players moved can not be restored since we don’t keep from where player are coming.

Sometimes we might remove your site for other reasons. For example, if we see that you try to hack the game, cheat players or promote illegal content. We keep the right to remove any site at any point even without notice in order to protect the game and the players.

Please note that we do not operate any game site we operate only playeathelead.gatory.com  for demonstration purposes and in order to move players from closing sites so they can keep playing.

When we say move we mean we move registration details since any player can actually play from any site on the world at any time.

What I should do start my site

Just register to this site. Then you will see the site registration form. Register your site to get codes.

Then download site files, upload them to your server, put your codes and you are ready to start. If you are familiar with PHP you can modify your site to suite your needs. (if you need assistance we offer some paid assistance and we can build the extra functions you want for your web site).

Earthlead game is a free game and its free to start your own site. There is no cost involvement unless you are going for a plus site or unless you ask from our programmers to build something special only for your site. You can start right away for free!

You can start your own strategy game site within minutes

Just download game files and upload to your server. Then register your site, get your codes and put them in your site.

Your server must support PHP. You don’t need a database.

Your players will have opponents right away.

Your players will play against or cooperate with other players from all other earthlead sites.

The main problem for massive multiplayer online strategy players is that when you start first players find no competition. An earthlead site is connected right away with the global database of the word. Anyone can play from any connected site.

Having said that we strongly encourage you to start your own earthlead game site.

Start your own strategy game for free!

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